Not able to access your Outlook because of bad PST file?

Don’t panic!!! Since PST File Repair software can help you to fix it and regain your mails.

Every day you go to office and accomplish your job accessing your mails from your Outlook. Think of a scenario on one of the day where you were in a hurry to leave for home. In urgency you failed to notice that a task is running in the background on Outlook and terminate the Outlook by clicking exit button. On doing this, your operating system must have warned you that a task is running on the background. However, after warning too you terminated by clicking “End Task”. The next day morning when you were back to office and tried to login on your Outlook, your operating system prompts a message saying.

“xxx.pst file cannot be accessed”

On seeing this, you realized that your PST file is corrupted. In such cases you might have tried to repair it using Inbox Repair tool. But due to severe damage it could not fix it but caused further more damage to the file. The only option left behind in such situation is opting for a repair tools available in the current market. If you a person faced with such scenario and any other scenario and lost your mails due to corrupt PST then choose PST File Repair utility which has gained award for its performance to fix bad PST file in case of severe damage.

Scenarios which leads to bad PST:

  1. Compacting operations: When users click on “Empty Deleted Items” option from the deleted items folder all the mails gets deleted from your Outlook but still it remains in the PST file. If a bunch of spam mails have been deleted then your PST files may exceed its size. During such situations users perform compacting operations on PST to reduce its size. This Improper Compacting operation may damage your healthy PST files and cause data loss from Outlook.
  2. PST file used over the network: Outlook uses internet connectivity to communicate messages to each other. The main problems using PST files in network is it gets infected by malicious threats from the network. These viruses damages the PST file in severe manner and makes data to be inaccessible to users from Outlook.
  3. System crashes: More often the operating system crashes when you connect a pen drive to your system that is infected by virus. There can be possibilities that your system crashes when you were working on PST files. In such cases, your PST file gets corrupted due to abrupt termination of Outlook after system crash resulting in loss of Outlook data.

Since PST files are more prone for corruption, it is better to take some precautionary measures and avoid damage of PST files. So it’s advised to take backup of your PST files so that it can be used in case of damage to your PST files. In case if you don't have backup, you need to repair PST file, using Outlook file repair software. You can also get best application to repair Microsoft Outlook OST file, by visiting this link.

PST file Repair software is more advanced than Inbox Repair Tool which can safely repair corrupted PST files in any of the possible scenarios of corruption. It supports Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007 PST repair. It’s best rewarded software which can fix PST files broken due to oversize.

This software is enabled to fix Outlook PST error caused due to abnormal termination. It generates the fixed PST file in Outlook 2003 – 2010 version so that it becomes easy to import them on your system. It can repair PST not working error and which is password protected.

Follow the link to know the repairing procedure of corrupted PST file after it get corrupted when PST file exceeds its limited size. At that time you may encounter certain error messages. PST repair tool is the ultimate solution to fix this issue.

Steps to fix bad PST files:

Step1: Download the tool and install it on your system. When you launch the tool you find a screen with three options “Open PST File”, ”Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”.

PST File Repair Tool - Main Screen

Step2: Select “Open PST File” and when the software pop ups the new screen click on browse and select the path of your damaged PST file. If the location of PST File is not known by you then click on “Find PST File” then select the damaged PST File. In case you want to select your Outlook profiles click on “Select Outlook Profile” and select the damaged PST File.

PST File Repair Tool - Open PST File Screen

Step3: The tool pops up a new screen where you have to select the destination location and the type of scan. After selecting it, click on “Repair” button.

PST File Repair Tool- Select Destination Screen

Step4: When the scan completes, the tool displays an Outlook styled browser window with a list of Outlook mails retrieved. Save the PST file back after purchasing the product.

PST File Repair Tool- Preview Screen