How to Repair Outlook 2010?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is an email client used in various organizations and for personal work. It has several new features which are not included in the previous Outlook versions. It has improved graphical user interface, an enhanced search feature, easy management of multiple email accounts, easy to maintain the email items, etc. Though the Outlook 2010 is released by Microsoft with the improved features, but still the PST file corruption issue cannot be prevented on Outlook 2010. In order to fix bad PST of your Outlook profile, you can utilize third party software like Outlook PST repair software.

PST is a personal storage folder used in Outlook. It contains all emails, contacts, attachments, calendar items, etc. If you encounter the PST file corruption, then the Outlook 2010 cannot work properly. When you are sending or receiving emails, you may get the Outlook error. One can read guidelines to fix Outlook PST errors. You may become unable to access emails and all other attributes from your Outlook 2010. If you have failed to access data from your Outlook, then it may affect on your project work. In order to get back all lost information from your Outlook, you need to know about how to repair Outlook 2010. Once you have repaired the Outlook PST file, then you can get access into the all Outlook items. You can accomplish this task effectively by making use of Outlook PST repair software. This software is capable to fix corrupted PST file irrespective of reasons. Usually you can face the error which is Outlook PST not responding and you can remove the error by repairing the PST file.

Some common reasons for PST file corruption are explained below.

Wrong shutdown procedure: Normally the Outlook program is closed by saving all the changes made to the PST file. If you have not followed this procedure, then you will come across PST file corruption. The improper shutdown procedure includes closing the Outlook abruptly using task manager, power failure and inappropriate computer shut down without closing the Outlook safely.

Virus attack: The virus attack on your computer lead to a PST file corruption. The virus will make your PST file inaccessible. To prevent this problem, use licensed version antivirus software in your computer and avoid the future attacks.

Incorrect file system recovery: If you have used inappropriate file system recovery software, then it may overwrite with garbage data and makes the incorrect combination of data blocks. As a result of this your Outlook PST file becomes corrupted.

Upgrading Outlook/Operating System: PST file may also become damaged during upgrading Outlook or OS to the newer version. If you have encountered errors while transferring all data from older version to the newly upgraded Outlook version, then the PST file may become inaccessible.

Oversized PST file: If your Outlook PST file size reached its upper limit or more than that, then it may become inaccessible to the user. You can check here how to fix PST file that is too large.

Under the above explained scenarios, you will lose the entire data from your Outlook 2010 profile. But still you can have hope to bring back all emails and other attributes from your Outlook. To deal with such situations, you need to get the help of Outlook PST repair software. This is the most advanced Outlook repair tool. It can easily repair Outlook 2010 as well as restores all lost data. Apart from Outlook 2010, the damaged PST file repair tool also works effectively, to retrieve data from the corrupted PST file.

This software is fully capable to repair the large size PST file. It works effectively to find the lost calendar appointments, contact information and custom created folders from the corrupted PST file. This software can support to repair PST file, even if it is password protected. It can help you to retrieve the Outlook address book from the inaccessible PST file.

To access all data from the corrupted PST file, it will make use of the inbuilt powerful scanning algorithm. It will scan the PST file within a few minutes. Then all recovered items from the corrupted PST file will be saved in a new usable PST file format. This software is extremely easy to use and there is no need to have technical skills. Apart from Outlook 2010, it also supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2013, etc. If you are looking to repair Outlook 2007 archive PST, you can get the software through this link - This software works conveniently on Windows computers. You can also estimate the repair result by using demo version of this software. If you are satisfied with the demo version results, then purchase the full version of this software.

Steps to fix Outlook 2010 errors

Step1: First download and install the Outlook PST repair software in your computer. Then run it and click on “Select Outlook Profile” option as shown in Figure 1.

How to Repair Outlook 2010 - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step2: Now select your Outlook PST file and then click on “Next” button as shown in Figure 2.

How to Repair Outlook 2010 - Select PST File

Figure 2. Select PST File

Step3: Now the software repairs corrupted Outlook PST file and provides the details of Outlook recovered items as shown in Figure 3.

How to Repair Outlook 2010 - Preview Screen

Figure 3. Preview Screen