Access Emails after PST Not Responding Error

Outlook helps to strengthening business and personal networking in an organized manner. It’s so user-friendly that even beginners can become masters in handling and working with this software. It enables you to connect to large number of users at one particular time. The information created in Outlook is stored in PST files i.e. in .pst file format.

All PST files have a limitation in its size defined for its respective versions. At any point of time Outlook enables you to access large amount of mails stored on it. While accessing large volumes of mails at any point of time it may freeze your Outlook as a result of this it fails to respond. Your system may reach a halt state and you will be forced to restart your system. During normal exit the outlook saves the changes made to PST file which keeps the data on the Outlook safe and secure. But when system is forced to restart, it exits your Outlook abnormally and leads to PST file corruption. If the PST file is damaged severely it can be repaired only by using a trusted repair tool available in the current IT market. Fix PST software one among them that gives an accurate result by fixing your corrupted PST files and regain your mails without losing any of the data from your Outlook. In order to fix the Outlook which is not working and operation performed on it are not taking place you need to use the tool. The Outlook Repair Tool will fix the PST file, in concern to know more click the link.

Reasons that cause PST file not responding errors:

  1. Power surge: While working with Outlook, users may face many problems. One of such common problem is power failure. Such events can badly affect your Outlook PST files by causing severe damage to it. So to avoid such scenarios, use a UPS that can prevent damage of PST files due to abnormal termination of Outlook.
  2. Application crash: Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office application software. When this software fails to operate and behaves in an abnormal way there can be possibilities that it can affect PST files on Outlook and cause its corruption. When PST files are damaged it refuses to open the Outlook application.
  3. Malware attack: Virus uses network as their main target to spread around and cause corruption. When PST files make use of network to send and receive mails malware infects these files and cause damage. When such PST files are accessed by the users it prompts an error message and refuses to open Outlook.

By taking necessary steps such as scanning PST files with antivirus, keeping an extra copy of PST files, archiving PST files etc. you can avoid damage of PST files. But after all this, if PST files get corrupted then Fix PST tool is here to help you out to fix them. Even the accidentally deleted emails can also be recovered by following the appropriate steps provided by the software.

Fix PST utility is proven its expertise in repairing PST files and gained awards for its performance in same. With the assistance of in built algorithms it can recover bad PST file and helps to preview them in outlook browser style. Using Fix PST tool is more advantages since it carries out a read only process on your damage file and saves the fixed one as a new file. It can repair error in outlook.pst files and restore its respective mails stored in it.

It can repair PST file in Outlook 2007, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2010 versions. It supports major and latest versions of Windows operating system to be installed and used. It’s designed with advanced features than Inbox Repair tool that helps in repair of damaged PST files in extreme conditions.

Steps to repair PST not responding Error:

Step1: Install the free demo version of Fix PST tool by clicking the download link on this page. Double click on the desktop icon and the software gets launched with a welcome screen with three options namely “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”.

PST File Repair Tool - Main Screen

Step2: Select “Open PST File” to browse and select the damaged PST file. Otherwise select “Find PST File” option in case you don’t know the location of PST file on your system. In case you want to select PST files from Outlook profiles then click on “Select Outlook Profile” to select the damaged PST file from the list of profiles displayed. After selecting the PST file click “Next” option.

PST File Repair Tool - Find PST File Screen

Step3: On the next window browse and select the destination location for the new file to be stored and the type of scan you want to carry out then click on “Repair” button.

PST File Repair Tool- Select Destination Screen

Step4: Software pops up a new screen in outlook browser style with a list of mails retrieved from the PST file. Purchase the product and save the fixed PST file for use.

PST File Repair Tool- Preview Screen