Complete Guide to Fix Outlook 2007 Archive

Outlook 2007 was whole heartedly welcomed by the Outlook users across the world. It was appreciated because of its well advanced features than the previous versions of Outlook. It comes with more added colors and graphics to organize the e-mail messages. This version comes with attachment previewer with the help of which a user can preview their mail attachment in just one click on the reading pane. Outlook 2007 facilitates archiving of PST files this can be used by users to compress and reduce the size of PST files to avoid damage of PST files due to oversize.

A lot of business enterprises started upgrading their old Outlook versions to Outlook 2007. When such upgrading was done many of the users faced a common problem i.e. PST file corruption. Due to this they started losing their previous valuable mails from Outlook previous version. This led them to opt for a repair tool to fix the PST file and recover the mails from it. Repair Outlook is presently used by many users since it as satisfied them with a perfect repair result and recovered all their mails fast and safe within a few mouse clicks after running this installed software on their computers. To know more about deleted email recovery from Outlook PST, you can visit professional Outlook data recovery website.

Events that cause PST corruption:

  1. Abnormal Outlook termination: When you access your mails on Outlook on day to day basis there can be distractions in many ways. One of the common problems is power surge. Power surge can hit your system any time you are accessing your mails or carrying out some other task on Outlook 2007 archive. This can corrupt your PST files and leads to loss of your mails.
  2. Archiving PST files: Outlook 2007 software allows users to compress there PST files data. If PST files exceed its defined size limit it can get corrupted. To avoid such scenarios users perform archiving of PST files. If the archiving process gets interrupted by a power failure or any other means then there can be possibilities that your PST files may get damage.
  3. Software malfunction: Microsoft Office 2007 software is a complete package that contains a group of Microsoft products including Microsoft Outlook. When you install Microsoft Office 2007 software on your system then the Microsoft Outlook 2007 gets installed automatically. In case there is a malfunction in your software then it may damage your PST files from your Outlook.

In all these scenarios PST File Repair software can help you to repair your damaged PST of Outlook 2007 version.

PST file Repair is effective tool that can fix PST files which has undergone a severe damage. It is capable to repair bad PST file with high end encryption. If you are not aware of the location of your PST file there is a “Find PST File” provided that searches the damaged PST file and displays it to you. It can repair PST errors and recover emails, contacts, appointments, tasks journals etc from your Outlook 2007 archive.

In addition, the attributes retrieved from your repaired PST file can be previewed in Outlook style browser view. This tool can fix not responding Outlook errors that were not fixed with Inbox Repair tool. You can save your fixed file on a new location since it is read-only software. PST file damaged severely by malware threats can be repaired with this tool

Steps to repair Outlook 2007 archive PST:

Step1: Install the software on your system after downloading it on your computer. On launching the tool you find three options namely “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”.

PST File Repair Tool - Main Screen

Step2: If you don’t know the exact location of your PST file click on “Find PST File” option after the search select the required PST file and click “Next” option. If you want to select PST files from your Outlook profiles click on “Select Outlook Profile” option or Choose “Open PST File” to browse and select the damaged PST file from your system.

PST File Repair Tool - Find PST File Screen

Step3: After this select the required destination and the scan type and click on “Repair” option.

PST File Repair Tool- Select Destination Screen

Step4: The scan is done and the tool displays the list of attributes recovered from the repaired PST file. Save the PST file on your system after purchasing the product.

PST File Repair Tool- Preview Screen