Fix Outlook PST File Operation Failed Error

Have you ever faced the situation where the Outlook is not responding properly?

Clearly, many users are fond of using Outlook and amongst them most of them are using it for important communication.  Hence, there exists the threat which may corrupt the file, like exceeding the data storage limit in PST file. Microsoft Office package is holding Outlook as an application inside it. The outcomes of oversized PST were known by Microsoft and this was the reason why it released defensive fixes in Office XP SP1. In this release, the service 1A was introduced for user. It fixes the Office by providing warning to the user that the size of PST file is exceeded when it reaches to 1.8 GB. Alternatively, another way has to be followed to repair the file. If in case, the file gets severely corrupted then to repair PST not working, PST File Repair Tool has to be used.

There are several corruption scenarios which corrupt the PST file. Once the file is damaged then it stops cooperating with the Outlook. In such case, Outlook PST file operation failed and it becomes of no use. Though, inbuilt tool is embedded with the Outlook but it is not capable to resolve all types of issue. Less corruption can be resolved but corruption like oversized PST, header corruption, virus infection, etc. are irrepairable if using the inbuilt tool. Firstly, it must be known by the user that what could corrupt the files, to know this do have a glimpse on corrupted scenarios. But before this, piece of information that must be shared that will help the Outlook user is that, to recover lost calendar in a PST or any other attribute after lost is very easy. To perform this action, you can use the PST File Repair Tool.

There are many corruption scenarios that exists which result in improper working of Outlook (caused due to bribery in PST files). Other types of corruption that may be caused in PST are…

  1. PST file header corruption
  2. Virus attack in the system
  3. Deletion of PST file
  4. Inappropriate importing of files
  5. Corruption due to upgrading of Outlook version
  6. Reformatting the system’s hard disk

There are no ways to avoid these scenarios i.e. because they are not predictable and can occur anytime resulting in improper response of the Outlook. Precautions could be helpful but somewhere incapable to avoid corruption at many instances. If your Personal Storage Table is corrupted then you have to use repairing software. In such a case just keep the corrupted PST files idle. Read here to know how to repair Outlook 2010 by using this software.

The next difficulty would be in selecting the software. Get the best solution here for the Outlook PST file operation failed to accomplish. Repairing of the file can be performed by the user himself which will show the best consequences.

No matter, what version of Outlook is in use but if you are following these steps then definitely the PST file can be repaired and the Outlook will again start working properly.

Step 1: Get the exe of file by clicking the “Download” button on the website. Install the setup using the exe file and launch it by double clicking the icon generated after installation on the desktop.

Step 2: One Window screen will come in notice with “Find PST File”. Select this particular option in order to find the corrupt PST file and click “Next”.

Outlook PST File Operation Failed - Main Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Window

Step 3: Once you get the files, just press the “Repair” button and the software will ask the destination (the place to keep the repaired file). Select the destination and type of scan (smart scan) as well then click next.

Outlook PST File Operation Failed - Find PST File Screen

Figure 2: Select Destination Folder

Step4: Software pops up a new screen in outlook browser style with a list of mails retrieved from the PST file. Purchase the product and save the fixed PST file for use.

PST File Repair Tool- Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Screen